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Essam Khraizat, M.D.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Get to Know Dr. Khraizat

Dr. Khraizat has also called Michigan his home for over twenty years. He attended the University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus, where he received a full academic scholarship for four years. He graduated with high distinction and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of microbiological studies. During his college career, Dr. Khraizat was honored as one of twenty nationwide All American Academic Debate Team members. He achieved this feat by demonstrating excellent communication and articulation skills as well as maintaining a nearly flawless academic record. At the end of his college career, Dr. Khraizat was chosen by the State of Michigan as one of two University of Michigan recipients of the coveted Michigan Board of Governor’s Award.

Dr. Khraizat next moved on to the Wayne State University School of Medicine, where for four years, he received honors in many classes and clinical rotations. Dr. Khraizat chose to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a career that requires his proven communication abilities, excellent bedside manners, and meticulous surgical skills.

After four years of specialization at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center, Dr. Khraizat had honed his skills as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. He received many accolades during residency for academic, clinical and leadership achievements. He was voted as the Berlex Best Resident Teacher as well as the top teacher for medical students for three of four years. Furthermore, he received the Award for Best Achievement at Oakwood on the nationally standardized exams for three of four years. In his final year of residency, Dr. Khraizat was recognized as a leader and voted by his peers and department heads as the Chief Administrative Resident. At the culmination of his specialization, he was selected as the program’s only recipient of the American Association of Gynecologist Laparoscopists’ Excellence in Minimally Invasive Surgery Award.

Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center’s leaders quickly offered Dr. Khraizat the position of Assistant Director of the Residency Program. For over four years, Dr. Khraizat supervised, taught and mentored residents, medical students and nurses at the hospital and at his office. He has assisted with, performed or supervised thousands of deliveries and surgeries. In 2005, Dr. Khraizat received the coveted National Council on Residency Education’s Best Teaching Faculty Award.

In 2006, Dr. Khraizat became a co-founder of Michigan Women’s Care where he maintains his practice today. Just as in college and beyond, he continues to pride himself on his listening skills, his attention to details, and his dedication to the betterment of his patients’ lives. When he is not at work, Dr. Khraizat spends time with his wonderful wife and three energetic children. At home, Dad Khraizat enjoys the outdoor life as much as possible with his family as well as likes to garden, exercise and relax. The Khraizats plan to remain a Michigan family for many years to come.

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  • Medical Doctor
  • Board-Certified OB/GYN
  • Practicing 1999-Present


  • 6300 N Haggerty Rd, Ste 200, Canton, MI 48187
  • Phone | 734-981-8181
  • Fax | 734-981-1259


Khraizat Testimonial #13 Continued

I traveled halfway across the world to delivery with Dr. Khraizat. I wish had known him prior to my previous surgeries for fibroid removal. I was a high-risk pregnancy patient and was keen on finding a doctor that many recommended. He was friendly, listened carefully & answered all my questions. After performing a C-section with… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #13 Continued”

Khraizat Testimonial #1 Continued

Dr. Khraizat is a phenomenal doctor who has helped me through some very difficult moments. He is always willing to listen, explain and make sure you are confident in your plan of care. He offers nothing short of excellent care while still remaining down to earth and easy to understand. I would recommend Dr. Khraizat… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #1 Continued”

Khraizat Testimonial #12 Continued

Today I had surgery this a.m and I was sooo nervous, but Dr. Khraizat and his team made me feel at home. They were able to answer all my questions and put my anxieties at ease. Dr. Khraizat is the best I’ve met working in his field, he is a GREAT DOCTOR!! I will recommend… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #12 Continued”

Khraizat & Bui 3

Dr. Bui and Dr. Khraizat are the best doctors that I can ask for. Very respectful, kind & went above & beyond to help me during my pregnancy & delivery.

Khraizat Testimonial #11 Continued

Dr. Khraizat was so kind and caring. I had pain for a month he knew what needed to be done and took care of it. I had a de Vinci partial hysterectomy. Recovery was so fast I was walking around the hospital within hours of the surgery. Dr. Khraizat kept me informed and was wonderful… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #11 Continued”

Khraizat Testimonial #10 Continued

I found Dr. K by ending up in the E.R. for a fall at 8 months pregnant. The patience, attentiveness and care that he showed in the few minutes of speaking with him during my stay, I left the OB I was being seen by and went to Dr. K for the remainder of my… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #10 Continued”

Khraizat & Bui 4

Dr. Khraizat is a wonderful Dr. my family and I were very pleased and impressed. I recommend him to all my friends and family.

Dr. Khraizat #16

I’m incredibly grateful for Dr. Khraizat who helped me deliver a beautiful and healthy little one a few weeks ago. The doctors are all extremely talented and have excellent interpersonal skills (especially Dr. K). The practice gets very busy so sometimes the wait can be a bit long, however, the wait is definitely worth it.… Read More >> “Dr. Khraizat #16”

Olivenne D

Khraizat Testimonial #3 Continued

Dr. Khraizat is the kindest man, he cares about his patients’ health as well as their emotional needs. I am so pleased with his care. I am a 70 yr. old that has been his patient for 5 yrs. He is an excellent Dr.

Khraizat Testimonial #2 Continued

Dr. Khraizat is phenomenal, I have been seeing him for over 4 years and he is the best in the industry.

Khraizat Testimonial #4 Continued

Dr. Khraizat has been my doctor for 11 years…and for good reason. I’m very picky about the doctors I see and the care that I receive, and I will never go elsewhere. I have very high-risk pregnancies (6 children here so far, he’s delivered the last 4), and while they may be complicated and stressful,… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #4 Continued”

Khraizat Testimonial #15 Continued

I first visited Dr. Khraizat’s office as I found out I had a cyst on my right ovary and some uterine pain, and was looking for a specialist. At that time I was amazed by Dr. Khraizat’s detailed knowledge and professionalism during my visit. He captured all my symptoms accurately. After an ultrasound exam we… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #15 Continued”

Dr. Bui & Dr. Khraizat

Dr. Bui is absolutely amazing!!! She became my OB when I found out I was pregnant in October of 2019 and she delivered our baby girl back in June and she was incredible through my whole pregnancy and my labor and delivery! I also got to meet and deal with Dr. Khraizat while I was… Read More >> “Dr. Bui & Dr. Khraizat”

Taylor N.

Khraizat Testimonial #8 Continued

Such a kind, compassionate, loving doctor. I switched to him mid-pregnancy and he was nothing but phenomenal. He takes pride in his profession and it is well apparent. I highly recommend him! Wouldn’t go to anyone else! The staff at the facility is also very welcoming and caring. They treat you like family!

Khraizat Testimonial #5 Continued

Great doctor! I’ve seen a lot of ObGyn doctors, because of tons of female issues. He is the best! He always listens to your problems, explains everything in depth, kind, caring, knowledgeable.

Khraizat Testimonial #7 Continued

Dr. K is a wonderful physician and surgeon. He is extremely caring and professional. At first, I was unsure of a male physician but he made/makes me feel comfortable. He listens and does not rush you. He answers all questions and does not push you into anything. Four years ago I started seeing him and… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #7 Continued”

Khraizat Testimonial #9 Continued

Dr. Khraizat is a 10 star doctor in my opinion! He has always been very graceful, detailed, and very professional when caring for me during my regular visits. He recently performed a very successful surgery for me, in which I felt very comfortable and informed leading up to it as well as after surgery. Excellent… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #9 Continued”

Khraizat & Bui 2

Dr. Khraizat and Dr. Bui are the absolute best; they kept me comfortable, relaxed, informed & treated my family great!

Khraizat Testimonial #14 Continued

Dr. Khraizat is very professional and very kind. I’m so glad I came to his office he treated me with the most respect I’ve ever been treated by a Dr. He truly understood what I was going through and we worked through it together. He is absolutely wonderful. He performed my surgery and I feel… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #14 Continued”

Khraizat Testimonial #6 Continued

Dr. Khraizat is an amazing doctor, he delivered both of my children. He has a very calm and reassuring demeanor, and makes you feel like a priority. I would never go to a different ob/gyn. My husband and I are thinking about having another child, we can’t wait for Dr. Khraizat to be apart of… Read More >> “Khraizat Testimonial #6 Continued”

Khraizat & Bui 1

Drs. Khraizat and Bui are excellent. Both are “tens” on this 5 point scale. I could not have asked for a better experience.