Dr. Bui Testimonial #1 Continued

I was referred to Dr. Bui when my previous gynecologist retired. Dr. Bui has been amazing the entire time I’ve known her. She is not only very informative to her patients, she is very insightful in helping explain how anything works. Be that your body, a surgery, or finding from a test. She explains things thoroughly and in a way that helps you completely understand what is happening so you know that you are in the best hands. She has performed two procedures on me in the hospital, and each procedure went well, and there were no complications. I had the NovaSure uterine ablation done by her, and the results were the best. I should have done it sooner but I’m glad I finally did it. No more heavy cycles, no more fears of embarrassing accidents. I can now actually function and live without painful cramping and heavy bleeding. It was just what I needed. And Dr. Bui was there to explain everything and assure me that the procedure is safe and that she will take very good care of me. And she did. Best decision I ever made and I would recommend anyone considering it (if you are done having children) to not only do it, but if you are close by have Dr. Bui as your surgeon. I have hopefully found the last doctor I’ll ever have for obstetrics and gynecology.